Chris R. Dale

Technology Strategist | Strategic & Transformative Technology Leader | Mentor & Coach

For most people and many organizations technology makes no sense at all to them. The IT industry while striving to make life simpler and easy, has become complex and difficult to understand. With over 30 years experience, Chris has and continues to support organizations grow and prosper through the use of technology, using his knowledge and experience to ensure your technology goals and aspirations are met. Chris’s passion is supporting the K-12 educational sector, and especially the use of technology to enhance student learning opportunities and outcomes.

Chris can assist you with:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance and Policy
  • IT Operational Management
  • Digital Transformation and Technology Integration
  • Cyber Security Policy, and Planning
  • Staff Mentoring and Career Coaching
  • Cyber Security Awareness

If you would like to see if Chris is a fit to assist your organization please email: